A connoisseur of dark art often displays also a love for monochrome art in his home. He says that he just likes the ambiance they create and tries to rotate things around from time to time so it doesn’t get stale-looking. And while some of us might roll our eyes at this or think him strange (I mean there’s not even color!), I say go with what makes you happy! And there is more to it than meets the eye.

For some, it reflects a more creative vision of the world; they see black as representing the light that’s gone out without being replaced by darkness or emptiness in which nothing exists at all, while whites are those little pockets that do exist – but never get any attention because there doesn’t seem to be anything important about them.

Many people think that the darkest art is deeply melancholic, but in my opinion, it’s not necessarily the case. Art should be about feelings and thinking because those two things are what make life worth living.
That being said though, I know for a fact that there are many artists out there who have tried to convey just how dark their minds can be with works of art like self-portraits or paintings which seem too abstract at first glance before they’re actually interpreted as something deeper than its surface appearance suggests; yet another interpretation on why this “darkest” form of expression exists would suggest an artist may exhibit these tendencies because he/she has experienced such pain in his/her own pasts (overcoming tragedies)

High contrasts speak to the viewer by providing a mood that is deeply thought-provoking. The darkness has never been determined by its aesthetic appeal to me; beauty can come from any angle or object. It may seem like an odd combination at first glance – dark arts such as heavy metal music with lyrics depicting violence, death, etc., paired next to another type of so-called “dark” artwork: paintings emphasizing shape/color rather than realistic representation (e.g., abstract expressionism). But this contrast becomes more understandable when we realize that both types depict emotions – one expressing pain while the other takes a pleasurable approach.

Black and white art adds a signature to your surroundings. It shows that you appreciate high-quality artwork. And it is also an excellent reflection of what’s going on in your head. It adds something special to any room that no other color or design could do. While black and white may not be cheap by any means, whatever makes you feel anything is never priced cheaply. Think about how much richer life would be if all our memories were still with us every day; think of this purchase like an investment into those feelings that will stay with you forever bringing back memories every day.


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