Let’s fill that blank space of yours! How much more pleasure it is to look at an appealing picture instead of a white wall. Your choice of art emphasizes your taste and your personality. So you want to choose right when it comes to your home and I am up to help you with this!

Let me know about your favorite picture!

I get inquiries for prints of photos that I haven’t listed here. If you feel that another image on my website or social media fits your space much better, please shoot an email to jea (at) jea-pics.de. Make sure to include the photo you’re interested in, as well as if you know a specific size and material you’re looking for. I also do customized pictures for your white wall, if you wish. Just let me know.

Find more art here:

If you like huge colourful paintings, check out “BeuteltierArt” gallery’! She has a distinct selection of affordable art she discovered herself in Vietnam and Thailand. And if you are curious about more art from Leipzigs independent art scene covering not only paintings but also drawing and photography, take a look at the artists interviews over at my blog “Kunst aus Leipzig.” You can find their works and information right there, or you can just ask me about it.



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