“I think the picture is beautiful, but it just does not fit into my living room!” I hear occasionally at fairs. Yes, that’s right, such a picture must not only fascinate, but somehow fit in a specific place. A work of art can significantly enhance a room or conference room, can underline its character. In addition, it says a lot about the personality of its owner. The best way to measure the place where the picture should hang. Many pictures look best in large format, but they have to fit well and have space. Then you have to consider the lighting conditions. If it is a illuminated wall, a matte finish is an advantage. If the environment is rather dark, it may be necessary to place spots in order to stage the work. Color and style should either complement or complement the decor, so opposite that it stands out. For example, a white-dominated room could be outfitted with a high-contrast black-and-white image or a bright-red work. Another point is the frame.

Although prints on aluminum or acrylic glass or canvases also work without a frame, the quality impression that is created, for example, by the floating effect of a shadow gap frame is often desired. Wooden frames fit well when the furniture is made of wood.

If you want to attach several pictures, there are several possibilities. The popular “St. Petersburg hanging” combines different images of different sizes to an orderly chaos. Connecting elements here are either an identical frame, passe-partouts or similar formats or contents. In the row –  several pictures of the same size are placed at a height. In rooms with low ceilings, it is recommended to use the edge hanger, which aligns with an imaginary center line. Those who only put pictures on the floor on the wall should do so primarily with large formats and strong motifs, so that the effect of the picture is not lost. Also very popular are wall-saving and flexible picture bars on which the pictures are placed. Of course, depending on the size of the room and the ambience there are many possibilities. It is best to consult with the artist. 😉



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