Triptych – Figurative



The Triptych transfer the subject into virtual reality, a 3D rendered subject in a surreal, dark space. They close the “iamnothere” series, as they dissolve the individual into the virtual world completely, giving wings and weightlessness to the formerly heavy and concrete (“Abyss”) and human (non-) existence (“iamnothere”). It transcends the former two stages, hence the name.

Limited Edition Print on Forex

Limited and signed
print on hard foam board (forex)
It’s three elements, each 20cm x 80 cm, meant to be hung with a little space inbetween

You can also combine with other parts of the abstract triptych.

Due to the modern appearance, photo prints on hard foam board are particularly suitable for the design of living rooms and offices in the interior and exterior. The UV direct printing process is particularly resistant to light, color and even water. My print supplier only uses VOC-free UV inks.